“A job in your hand is a lifelong treasure”


Bright workplace with a constant smile.



Safe for inexperienced people.
Experienced senior employees will teach you gently.



We are a group of craftsmen who keep the tradition.
Many of the staff work for a long time because they are on good relationship with each other.


Thank you for visiting us.
We are a traditional landscaping company that has been running since the early Showa period.
We are mainly focusing landscaping work, garden maintenance, cutting of dangerous trees, etc. some of works are divided into “gardening group”, “pruning”, “forest work group” and so on.
Now, various staff are active here. For example, those who are inexperienced, want to make the most of their experience, want to step up as a gardener.
No matter how old you are, you are welcome regardless of age, as it is an environment where you can make use of yourspecialty.

We always exchange greetings like “otsutkaresama” [good job],“arigato” [thank you] . So it’s a homely work space and many of staff are working for a long time.
Would you like to spread the culture of Japanese–style garden with us?

Application Requirements

Recruitment type 植Woodworker, landscaping, gardener
Job Description Landscaping work
Landscape design
Garden maintenance
Forest maintenance
Greening business
Employment status Employees, part-time workers, part-time workers
age No matter
Salary Monthly salary 180,000-350,000 yen
Daily salary 8,320 yen to 15,000 yen
Working hours 8:00〜17:00
holiday 2 days a week
treatment There is a single dormitory
Employment insurance
Welfare pension
Workers’ accident compensation insurance
Health insurance
Transportation expenses are provided
Qualification acquisition support and allowances available
Daily / weekly / same day payment OK
There is a retirement allowance reserve
Application metho Please call or contact us using the inquiry form.