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Our specialty is creating Japanese style gardens based on stones. We try to create a garden that blends in with the surrounding landscape , such as the harmony between stones and the trees and balance between sunlight and shade,
In addition we focus in maintaining devastated hills and forests. And creating towns that take the landscape into consideration.
environmental conservation is a very important task who keenly promoting greenery everyday in urban areas.
Now a days global warming has become a major issue on a global scale , I think we must expand our work by considering the world environment .

Gardener: Kinya Kobayashi
CEO at Fuji Hakone Ryokuka Co. Ltd.
Born in 1962 in Kanagawa, Japan. Graduate of Tokyo University of Agriculture.
While working for Kobayashi Landscaping, traveled to Tanzania to help JICA train and develop gardeners from 1994 to 1996. Also worked as the lead gardener on construction of Japanese gardens in Toshkent, Uzbekistan and Guilin City, China.
After returning to Japan, Founded Fuji Hakone Ryokuka Co. Ltd. In 2007.
Some of the representative works include Gora Kadan’s “Garden of Aoi”, “Fujimidai Garden” (Featured in “Jutaku Tokushu #387” (Japan Architect), etc.), “Gora Brewery Stone Garden” (Featured in “Niwa #236” etc.), “Gora Kadan” (Featured in “Niwa #240”, etc.) and others.
The focus has been on creating gardens which feature stone arrangements at classic Japanese inns, hotels and individual homes.
My hobby is traveling abroad. Including the countries where I have traveled as a backpacker since mainly in Asia and Africa.
In addition, we opened a Japanese-Style garden inn in 2019 to welcome backpackers from overseas.

Company Profile

company name 株式会社 富士箱根緑化(旧称:有限会社 小林造園)
address 233 Miyagino, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa 250-0401
phone number 0460-82-1128
email address
Founded September 5, 1993
representative Kinya Kobayashi
Business content Landscaping work
Landscaping design
Garden maintenance
Forest maintenance
Greening business


Our history

In the Taisho era, the first generation who made a living from kagoya [basket maker] and agriculture, changed the profession as the ueki[planting tress and flowers] in 1952 as the number of villas increased in hakone.
After that the name was changed to Kobayashi landscaping and the main business is landscaping and recreating villas of major companies, and maintaining garden.
Since 1993,he has been undertaking landscaping work overseas , such as dispatching landscaping engineers to three overseas countries for jica international aid activities.
In 2007,it continues to the present as Fuji Hakone Ryokuka



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